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Rebuild Organisation for Children in Turkey

It is already difficult enough to watch from afar, to feel powerless and share their grief without being able to hold their hands. Rebuild Organisation for Children in Turkey believes that together we can make a huge difference. We have all been touched in some way by the earthquakes in Turkey. We know that we cannot save the world, but we can contribute our part where it is possible. Many children have become orphans after the earthquake. With your help, we can give these children the chance to keep dreaming and build a better future by helping them with their school expenses. Think of textbooks, uniforms, backpacks, pens, pencils, and also annual school fees.
As Rebuild Organisation for Children in Turkey, we have the privilege of having direct ties to the affected communities and specifically to the local education community. Through this direct link, we can work very specifically and effectively and ensure that the money we raise goes to the right place. We work with local partners and have a good understanding of the specific needs of the affected children, particularly their educational needs. This means that as a foundation, we are contributing directly to helping the most vulnerable children and that we are transparent about how we spend your money.
By donating five euros a month (more is always welcome) to our foundation, you can provide these children with lasting support for their education. Additionally, we will connect our members with the children we are helping so that you can personally see how we use your contribution and what kind of impact Rebuild Organisation for Children in Turkey has on their lives. In this way, you can be sure that your contribution is being used to help and support these children and that you are making a positive impact on their lives. Although we are far away, these children need us. Please help us and donate what you can so that we can help these children achieve their full potential after such a terrible event.
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